Crafting beautiful & strategic websites in Downtown Miami, FL. 

Crafting beautiful & strategic websites in Downtown Miami, FL. 

Crafting beautiful & strategic websites in Downtown Miami, FL. 

We craft websites that are:

Powerful Design
Lead generating machines
Stress free

Meet our Premade Websites

Empowering Passionate Business Owners, One Website at a Time. Crafted with love.

Skip the technical part of building a website.
You deserve more. You deserve a lead generating website. You deserve beautiful & professional design for your business.

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Client Love

We're passionate about what we do ...and it shows.

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“I looked high and low for a website that would fit my needs, and I can't tell you how thankful I am that I didn't settle for something else. As a cosmetologist being around 7 years, with 6 employees & bookings every week I rarely have time or energy to focus on my own brand (terrible, I know), so I wanted something that had an easy process where I had to skip the tech part and also to know that if something goes wrong the company will resolve. Vessel House team explained everything in details from the beginning and made my website live faster than I was expecting. They delivered and we are so happy with our new website."

Kelly Anne

Owner & Lead Stylist at Brides by Kelly Anne
May 28, 2019


“Alexia, Alvaro and their staff valued my honesty which made me comfortable at communicating exactly what I needed.The decision to spend money on a website was challenging for me because I’ve I always like to do things on my own. While I wanted to do it myself I decided to invest in something more professional. I am very happy with our decision and the service they provided. Wanted to also add they are fast at responses, very fast actually, and for me that is important, constant communication but also fast responses."

Cake & Lace

Cake and Lace Events
August 9, 2019


“Alexia and her team are efficient, creative and she went the extra mile for my website to have an amazing turn around. My rebrand feels 100% authentic to me and I am so grateful, thank you Alexia!!"

Melody Pilling

Owner, Melody Pilling from Melody Pilling Photography
July 26, 2019

website themes, website templates, wedding planner website, wedding planner business

“Alexia the owner is someone who loves what she does, and it shows through her incredible work, boundless creativity and professionalism. She gave insight and details about things I hadn’t thought of and helped me navigate some of my obstacles with my website."

Katelyn Hice

Owner, Katelyn Hice from K. Hice Photography
Sept 19, 2019

Get a feel of our premade websites collection.

Easy breezy steps so you can have your website live ASAP:

We walk you through the entire process step by step, so you can ditch the DIY-overwhelm and quickly enjoy your new, gorgeous website. 


Choose either a premade website or a custom website.


We install it & customize it for you! We send a demo within 24- 48 hours. We make all the work. We place your logo, photos, copy writing, everything! We set up the full thing for you so you can launch with confidence. 🥂


Enjoy! Its time to set your website live. 🍾⭐

We visually tell your story so youcan attract your dream clients.

Proofing demo is sent the same or next business day!
Our websites are specially crafted for the wedding industry and boss babes. Made for event planners, wedding planners, event venues, chef's & catering, event party rentals, dj's, florists, bakery & cake designer, bartending and beverage catering service, event invitations & calligraphers, photographers, interior designers and other creative businesses.
We believe in courteous, top notch customer service, building relationships while building brands, and speedy responses.